Linda has been a remarkable teacher, editor and mentor. She has a broad knowledge of the writing world and doesn’t hesitate to learn new things to get the job done-and done right. She provides honest feedback with an encouraging attitude, which has helped me to stay positive and focused through this arduous process. Thanks to Linda’s guidance, I’ve had pieces published in both national and regional publications. Needless to say, I would highly recommend her services.

Sharon Struth

Bethel, CT


How lucky I’ve been to have found such a generous and knowledgeable writing mentor! While there’s no doubt I’ve benefited from Linda’s writing expertise, her feedback goes above and beyond the craft of writing.

Using her own true life experiences, Linda helped me answer all of those scary questions that pop up during the revision and submission process. She patiently and kindly provided me with the practical tools I needed to finally move through the insecurity and confusion, to publication. With her encouragement, I’ve begun to form relationships with regional editors, and have even had a piece accepted by a national magazine. She’s influenced my writing career so much more than I could cover in two small paragraphs of praise.

Colleen Wright

Fairfield, CT

I can honestly say that Linda’s work as writing coach set me on the path of being prolific. My sessions with her resulted in bringing me a greater sense of confidence in my abilities as a writer. So much so that I am now a regularly published Contributing Writer for my local newspaper. Linda’s expertise and feedback were most helpful and also set me on the path of crafting the book I’ve always dreamed of writing!

Diane Hassan


Thank you for making our writing sessions so positive and encouraging. My articles may begin with a general idea, but with your advice they develop into strong focused pieces. I really appreciate the willingness to share your knowledge of the business end of publishing. Knowing how, when and where to sell your work is as important as the actual writing, but usually not included in writing classes. Thanks so much for being an integral part of my writing adventure.

Barbara Bender

Waterbury, CT

Linda’s writer’s workshop was invaluable. I learned how to transform a jumbled mess of ideas into a cohesive story.

David Drazul, Author of Armistice Day

Bethel, CT


Linda Chiara teaches her students the mechanics of editing, and the steps they must follow to become published authors.   However, what makes her such a gifted teacher of writing is that she affirms each person’s unique voice.  She praises, prods, and mentors each of her students to success. 

Jan Lee Brookes

Brookfield, CT

You are a gifted teacher. You share generously from your own experiences and many teachers aren’t that generous.  Your ability to encourage and support all of us who are at all different levels is fantastic. Your encouragement has meant so much to me -I find the words hard to express (believe it or not?), but before this class I didn’t really consider myself a writer, just a student learning to try and write well enough to be published.  The environment you create has changed that for me, now it’s not will I get published, but when and that’s a huge step of confidence for me. I thank you very much for your gift and your willingness to share it so joyously.

Nikki Foster

Bethel, CT

Linda Chiara is a dedicated, patient and experienced writer/teacher who can point out the strengths and weaknesses in any piece of writing with a well-honed skill — offering in the process equal dollops of encouragement and effective suggestions.  Under her guidance, a rough draft can quickly morph into a polished work. And, just as quickly, a writer wannabe like myself (before taking Linda’s classes) can become a published author.

Marlene Settanni

Bethel, CT

 If not for Linda Chiara, I wouldn’t today be a published author. She’s firm, fair, concise and considerate. Her teaching skills mirror her editing skills and under her tutelage it didn’t take long for my first writing paycheck to appear.

Colleen Plimpton, Freelance magazine writer, Columnist, Essayist

Book author, Mentors in the Garden of Life



I’ve worked with Linda for over four years.  Although I was already an experienced and successful writer for business publications before we met, Linda has always managed to provide at least a few suggestions, usually more, to improve every piece of writing I’ve submitted to her.  In addition, she’s been an excellent source of information and coaching on other aspects of a writing career, including time management, potential markets, and the submissions process. Her positive, highly supportive approach, both in group classes and individual sessions, has  been invaluable as well in helping me develop the confidence and perseverance I need to pursue my lifelong dream of fiction writing.  Whether you’re a serious writer, or just looking to have some fun with the creative process, I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Carol Casper

Bethel, CT

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