School Visits

Let me inspire your students to use their creativity and imagination. They will discover many different ways to make writing fun.


My interactive presentations work best in a classroom setting as opposed to an auditorium. But I am always willing to have you pack and squeeze two classes into one classroom (around 50 children). I can make that work just as well! I find that in this smaller setting, I am able to easily intermingle with the children and they can better see the visual aids and props I bring. However, I can certainly accommodate larger audiences as well.  



I offer a 50 minute program called A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A WRITER.  One of the highlights of my presentation is when I call forth several children and have each one remove an item from my magic writer’s box. By doing so, the children learn about some unusual jobs for writers, such as writing board game instructions, greeting cards, cereal box content, bumper stickers, posters, and tee shirt slogans. Of course, the writing process (planning, writing, rewriting and editing) is also covered, and I always conclude with a five minute question and answer session at the end of each session.


Many teens love to write. Some keep a journal or join the school newspaper. Others pen poetry and prose which they tuck away in their bedroom drawers.

That is why I offer a 50 minute program entitled WHY WAIT TO BE AN ADULT TO BE PUBLISHED?  This program is designed to encourage young student authors how to take an idea and write it, rewrite it and submit to a publication before they become adults.

Along with showing them the step-by-step process of writing and rewriting, I show them WHERE and HOW to submit their work. There are many publications that will publish work written by teens. Some even pay!


I am also available to speak at conferences geared to help aspiring writers learn more about the craft of writing.

For libraries, my presentations are geared to the age and/or interest of the attendees. I have created workshops which I am able to adapt to any venue. Or, if need be, I will develop a new workshop based on your particular needs.


My fee for school visits is $600 a day, which includes four presentations. Library visits are $125. (Please add travel expenses if school or library is more than 50 miles from my home.) I always include a book signing

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