Articles For Children

Most of these articles are available for reprint.

Children’s Articles, Stories, Books, etc.

Bach’s Wife (words 1431) The story of Anna Magdalena Wilken, the woman who became Bach’s second wife and the mother of his many children. She was an inspiration and major help to Bach. She is the “woman behind the great man.”

Boston Molasses Tragedy (words 587) The true story of the explosion of molasses tanks in January 1919 inBostonHarbor.

Chipper (words 974). Story about a three-legged dog who helps his owner defy a bully.

Ghost House (1084) story of how a young girl conquers her fears and teaches her older boy cousin a thing about bravery.

Luck/Superstitions (words 725) Article covering superstitions and luck. Why do we throw salt over our shoulder after we spill it or why do we think it’s bad luck to open an umbrella in the house?

Luther Holcomb (words 564) True story of a local Revolutionary War Hero.

Oddey the Owl (2nd grade book-words 1549) Non fiction book on Oddey the Owl, the special needs owl inCanada.

The Playoffs: (words 850) The story of a boy who loves to read about baseball as much as he loves playing it. Can he finally learn to hit well enough to bring in the winning run?

Pizza Article (History of Pizza) (word 451)

Puppy Love (word 487) Tips on the care and feeding of a puppy.

Seahorse (words 474) nonfiction article on seahorses.

Twin Cities (words 568) The Indian legend of how the citiesNacogdoches andNatchitoches.

Wooden Teeth and Swivel Chairs (words 762) Nonfiction article on little known facts about some of our presidents.

Yak (Furry Mail Truck) (words 383) Nonfiction article on the yak and its use for mail delivery inTibet.

Zoo Rebus (words 127) rebus about a little girl wanting to go to the zoo.

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