Articles for Adults

Most of these articles are available for reprint.

Parenting Articles:

Art Appreciation (words 675-sidebar 165) Ten tips to encourage creativity. Sidebar lists helpful books and web sites.

Baby Skin Care (words 848) How to protect baby’s skin in summer.

Babysitter’s Guide (words 630-sidebar 264) A guide to helping your babysitter has all the tools and knowledge she needs to do her job properly. The sidebar includes tips to make things run more smoothly for both the babysitter and the parent.

Back to College (words 858-sidebar 367) What you need to know about types of college classes available for “older non-traditional” students, plus cost, childcare issues, etc. Sidebar covers tips to help you study.

Birthday Gift Ideas (words 859-sidebar 136) Gifts for children’s birthdays. Includes sidebar of horror gifts…what NOT to buy.

Camp Readiness (words 738-sidebar 194)-Is your child ready for camp-Sidebar lists essentials child needs.

Christmas Crafts (words 682) crafts to make with your child at holiday time.

Christmas-Helping Your Young Child Learn To Shop (words 907) Shopping tips for young children.

Clutter Control (words 900) how to keep the house clean with small children.

Colds and Flu Prevention (words 789) ten ways to keep your kids cold-free.

December Birthdays (words 632) Suggestions on how to keep a December birthday child feeling special.

Earth Day Resolutions (words 936) Twelve resolutions to be implemented monthly to save our planet.

Encouraging Summer/Winter Reading (words 798) self-explanatory

Flying Babies (words 1038) How-to on airplane travel with babies.

Fire Safety (words 345) Tips on fire safety in the home, including the child-friendly device Herbie the Hydrant.

Fun in the Sun (words 887-sidebar 178) article on sunburns, poison ivy, ticks, pool, and children’s transportation safety-bikes, skateboards, etc. Sidebar includes additional tips.

Geography-One Country At A Time (words 770) how to teach children about world cultures and geography in a fun way.

Get Started on Christmas Now! (words 795) a month by month plan (starting in August) designed to make the holidays enjoyable, rather than stressful.

Halloween Party Ideas (words 1224) Ideas on how to throw a spooky Halloween Party-from invitations and food to crafts.

Halloween Treats (words 715) Treats children can help mom make-ages 2 and up.

Helping Your Young Child Deal With Grief (words 845-sidebar 110) Ten tips on helping children deal with loss. Sidebar is list of books that cover the subject for different age groups.

Housework: It’s Not Just For Moms Anymore (words 924) Getting your kids to do their share without losing your sanity.

Kids In the Kitchen: (words 938-sidebar 107) Recipes which can be made by children with adult supervision. Sidebar lists websites and cookbooks.

Kids In the Kitchen Columns

Column 1 Summer  (words 650)

Column 2 Back to School (words 644)

Column 3 Halloween (words 701)

Column 4 Superbowl (words 752)

Column 5 International (words 566)

Column 6 Travel Snacks (words 642)

Column 7 Summer Picnic (words 556)

Column 8 End of Summer (words 628)

Column 9 Thanksgiving (words 548)

Column 10 New Years (words 636)

Column 11 Heart Smart Recipes (words 627)

Column 12 Spring Has Sprung (words 586)

Column 13 Summer Frozen Treats (words 579)

Column 14 Autumn Soups and Stews (words 584)

Column 15 Snowmen (words 545)

Column 16 Monkey Business (words 566)

Column 17 Cuckoo for Coconuts (words 547)

Lefthanders (words 654 Sidebar 110) Tips on how to help a leftie. Sidebar includes trivia and subscription info to a lefthanders newsletter.

Libraries (words 692) What the library has to offer both children and adults.

Lightning (words 887) Tips to keep your child safe during a thunderstorm.

Lunch Box Blues (words 695-sidebar 128) Recipes to make lunches healthier, easier to make and more likely to be eaten, rather than tossed. Sidebar includes non-edibles to include to make lunch time more fun.

Magazine Review Article (words 1067) Lists magazines available for a variety of age groups and how to obtain sample copies.

Maple Sugaring Article (words 548-sidebar 444) Information on spending a day at a sugarhouse.

Memorable Shower Gifts (words 750) list of thoughtful and unusual shower gifts.

Money Lessons (words 1000) Practical ways to teach children the value of money.

Mothers Of Invention (words 1095) Article which details several women and their inventions.

Motion Sickness (words 849 sidebar 280) What is motion sickness and how can you prevent it. Sidebar-When all else fails-what to do if, in spite of your planning, your child still feels woozy.

Moving With Children (word 869-sidebar 212) Tips to make the transition of moving with children go more smoothly. Sidebar entitled “Going Against the Tide” which questions the conventional wisdom of moving during the summer months.

New Year, New You (words 749) article on how to start a personal fulfillment program for the new year.

Newsletter (Creating A Family Newsletter) (words 530) Simple, fun ways to stay in touch with relatives.

No Stress Holiday Guide (words 770) Self-explanatory

No Stress Holiday Guide for Writers (words 850) Same article geared towards the working writer.

No TV Week (words 793 sidebar 119) Fourteen things to do instead of watching TV. Sidebar gives statistics of effects of TV watching on children.

Office Babies (words 767) Is it possible to bring baby to work? I interviewed an employer in Massachusetts who allows his employee to bring her two young children (both under age two) to work.

Parent Volunteering in the School (When You Don’t Have the Time) (word 620) Ways to volunteer in your child’s school no matter what your schedule is.

Picnic (Great American Summer Picnic) (words 1108) Ideas for easy recipes and fun games to keep all ages happy.

 Party Crafts (words 800) Crafts to keep a room full of young children entertained.

Summertime Blues (Who Says There Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blues) (words 680) list of 10 ways to beat August boredom.

Valentines Day Special/Be Heart Smart (words 746) Ways for women to take care of their heart.

When A Pet Dies (words 786-sidebar 74) How to help your child deal with the death of a pet and a sidebar with book recommendations.

Winter Blahs (How To Survive The Winter Blahs) (words 725) list of 10 ways to keep young children occupied when housebound.

The Write Stuff (words 531-sidebar 111). Offers tips on how to help children enjoy the writing process. Sidebar offers writing prompts to help parents with ideas.

Teen Articles:

Cyberteens (Words 900) What are our teens using the Internet for?  After interviewing several teens and high school computer teachers I found out the answer.

Girls and Makeup (words 849-sidebar 226)-How much is too much? When should they start? When do we say stop?

Teens and Driving (words 959) What steps do you take to help ensure that your child will become a safe driver. Insurance tips, etc. included.

Teens and Jobs (words 970) Practical advice on how to help teens (and preteens) find a part-time job. Includes tips on how to prepare them for an interview and how much involvement adults should have with helping the child spend the money appropriately.

Humor Columns:

Expressions That Make Sense (Spoken Like A True Parent) (words 950) Everyday expressions with a parental twist. Example “A journey of a thousand miles begins…by making sure everyone has gone to the bathroom.” Or “He who laughs last…..gets grounded!”

Hollywood In My Home  A mom uses TV show titles to explain her life.

House of Testosterone (words 900) How living in a house of males (a dad and three sons) is so weird for a female. An example: the son who brings home a dead snake on a stick (who turns out not to be actually dead)!

If You Can’t Beat ‘em (words 692) An account of a baseball-loving mother who converts to a football fan.

Is Your Job Right For You? (words 792) A working woman’s quiz answered with a stay-at-home mom’s point of view.

Mommy Clock (words 631) My life is like that of the bird clock. Simply by listening to my children’s requests, I can tell what time it is.

The Mother’s Day Gift (words 820) with three children under the age of 4, all I wanted for Mother’s Day was three hours alone in the bathroom. It was a gift of a lifetime. (Bubble bath, candles, music and reading material) What bliss!

Oh, For A Real Meal (words 670) the last time I had a real meal was the night before I delivered my first son. After that I spent most of my time eating while standing at the kitchen counter or eating spinach from baby food jars.

Once A Year (words 660) Humorous look at dieting pitfalls.

Rattlesnakes and Poison Oak (words 766) Essay about a field trip with my first grade son.

Real Moms Don’t Wear Jewelry (words 750) How my babies took away my ability to wear jewelry. (Pulled out my earrings while nursing, etc.)

Separation Anxiety (words 739) What I suffered the first time my son went away on his first sleepover.

Toddlerese (words 700) Language spoken by toddlers that only mom can understand. Children this age all sound like Elmer Fudd.

A Tornado In My Purse (words 710) Having children turns you into a bag lady, because you’re expected to carry all the sweaters, pacifiers, bottles, safety pins, etc. in your purse.

Misc. (Stories, Essays, Nonfiction shorts, etc).:

Christmas Wish: Year my son asked for a pet for Christmas and how Santa surprised him with goldfish.

Expand Your Horizons: Article discussing ways to keep your writing fresh by expanding your horizons.

Fireplaces: (words 698) Essay on my love affair with fireplaces.

Graduation Dance: (word 1038). My son’s eighth grade graduation dance and how it changed both him and me.

Greatest Gifts: word words: 735 essay detailing the gifts that mean the most…time, health, peace of mind, etc.

Mixing Motherhood and Writing (words 1315) article with tips for writers with children who are trying to find time to write.

Pez- Adult version (400 words) History of the Pez dispenser

Rose In the Vase (words 604) Essay on learning to appreciate what you have.

A Stitch in Time (words 1550) Romance story.

You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Pound Dog (words 1981) True story of bidding for a dog from the pound.

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